The “Pathfinder Programme 1.0” has started

We are glad to announce that the “Pathfinder Programme 1.0”, the pilot programme of the Bachelor in Impact Innovation of UAEU (University of United Arab Emirates), has started.

Since 2016 PlusValue has assisted UAEU in developing the “University of the Future” concept at the centre of the UAEU Pavillon at Expo Dubai 2020.

The “Pathfinder Programme 1.0” will support 40 students with the acquisition of key future-of-work competencies and entrepreneurial skills through experience of today’s global macro-challenges. To do so, this first iteration of the Pathfinders Program is designed around humanity’s most daring adventure: colonizing Mars.

Such specific context will challenge students to redefine current boundaries and shifting ways of thinking. Students will deepen their understanding and knowledge to find possible answers and solutions to four thematic areas: Expanding life (space architecture and exploration), Extending life (healthcare and wellbeing), Sustaining life (food and energy) and Enhancing Life (society development and growth). By thinking of Mars as a fresh start for humanity, students would gather new inspirations for solving some of Earth’s pressing challenges.

PlusValue initiated today the module “Enhancing life” to design a fair, just and inclusive society on Mars. With a comprehensive group of experts, PlusValue will share insights and stimulate the reflection and debate around creating a martian society. How could we redesign social structures to ensure equity or a governance model that will guarantee fair and reasonable decision-making processes and at the same time promote collective action within communities? How do we decide who will land on Mars? How can we guarantee diversity? What, if any, will be the role of innovation, science and technology in building a community and interplanetary collaborations? How to ensure that the capabilities and skills required to ensure that society on Mars can adapt and thrive? These are just some of the questions that will be explored.

As the recent COVID-19 crisis, as well as the urgent climate crisis, has made the need for innovation in education even more apparent, we believe this experimental learning approach will lead the way. Today’s challenges are increasingly complex, and here comes the urgency of exploring challenge-based and collaborative learning methods in real-world settings or scenarios, promoting interdisciplinary approaches”.


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