San Patrignano

San Patrignano is the one of the largest social enterprises in Italy. Its core service is drug and addiction rehabilitation, provided through a unique 3-year therapeutic programme based on education and community rehabilitation. The San Patrignano rehabilitation community operates thanks to 109 volunteers and 313 collaborators and consultants, a third of whom followed a rehabilitation programme in San Patrignano themselves. PlusValue’s work with San Patrignano has focusessed on:

a) Developing an impact investing strategy for San Patrignano;

b) Managing communication and dissemination activities to publicise and market San Patrignano products, services, and positive impacts to a global audience;

c) Developing strategic partnerships to scale-up San Patrignano’s potential impact in Italy and around the world;

d) Helping to establish a San Patrignano foundation and/or social enterprise in the UK;

e) Identifying and developing sources of sustainable finance and fundraising for San Patrignano.

As a result, PlusValue has launched together with commercial bank Esperia an investment fund where investors are granted returns in line with market performances and part of the fund management fees are devolved to San Patrignano, originating new revenues of €300,000 per year for the organisation.

San Patrignano web page