Project overview

T- Factor is a Horizon 2020 (H2020) project.

“T” stands for Time and Transformation.

T-Factor challenges the waiting time in urban regeneration – i.e. the time in-between the adoption of the regeneration masterplan, and its actual realization and delivery. It explores and demonstrates how innovation and entrepreneurship conjugated with heritage, culture and creativity can drive collective and collaborative urban transformation in the waiting time and contribute to unleash vibrant urban hubs for inclusive urban regeneration, social innovation and enterprise.

The project targets early stage regenerations in a diversity of historic urban areas in London, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Kaunas, Milan and Lisbon, and provides their PPPs with a unique ecosystem of capacity-building for radically new city-making approaches. Leveraging local coalitions of actors, the project will use the masterplans of the targeted regenerations as the starting point to steer collective inquiry into their meanings and narratives, co-create visions of future spaces, and put them on stage via meanwhile uses and experiences.

Our added value

PlusValue will lead activities in the MIND pilot in Milan, together with other partners: UniMI and PoliMI, LAND, and a broad range of local stakeholders operating in the Health and Life Sciences. Construction works in MIND are expected to finish in 2029 and the concession contract through which the private developer, Lendlease, will recover the cost of the investment will last for 99 years. Finally, PlusValue will contribute to project communication and dissemination of results, focusing in particular on the local and regional level, and taking care of the organization of the T-Factor’s Roadshow in Milan.

Project impact

Within a global context of increased uncertainty and unpredictability, T-Factor’s overall ambition is to boost urban regeneration approaches able to be resilient vis-à-vis the time factor and stand meaningfully at the forefront of change. ongoing project. T-Factor harnesses meanwhile uses as means to provide diffused opportunities of affordable spaces, unleash flexibility for spaces to evolve, open up the development process and make it agile via testing and learning approaches. It aspires to boost meanwhile uses as a diffused practice to reactivate slack spaces not only in regeneration, but also in the normal management of property by private and public actors.

T-Factor’s website here.

To know the details go on: EU website  CORDIS