Haringey -London

A London Borough is establishing one of the most ambitious and progressive regeneration projects in the world. The project will be a public-private partnership focusing on estate renewal, brownfield development, and socio-economic growth in the Borough.

Our Added Value

PlusValue worked with an international urban regeneration specialist (the Client) to develop recommendations for maximising the potential social and economic impacts generated by the Borough’s regeneration project.

To develop these recommendations with our Client, we focused on 2 specific sites sites within the Borough. We organised an expert workshop by mobilising our network of thought-leaders across diverse fields of architecture, community engagement, design thinking, education, sociology, social enterprise, and urban regeneration, to explore and co-create innovative impact-generating recommendations for these 2 sites. We tested and refined these recommendations through targeted desk research, expert feedback, and comparative benchmarking analysis of state-of-the-art case studies from around the world.


We developed an innovative portfolio of impact-generating recommendations for our Client, connecting with the Borough’s desired vision, approach, and priorities to:

  1. Engage communities and make the Borough an even better place to live
  2. Encourage investment and create opportunities for all to share in
  3. Make the Borough outstanding for all, clean and safe, and providing sustainable housing growth and employment

In particular, our recommendations focused on:

  • Innovating through education
  • Community engagement
  • Identity building
  • Entrepreneurship and boosting the night time economy
  • Social impact investing options

Our full report was given to the Client in May 2016.

*Note: the specific details of this project are currently private and confidential.