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IESI- ICT Enabled Social Innovation Mapping

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC Seville) in collaboration with DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, is launched a three-year research project to explore the nature and impact of ICT-Enabled Social Innovation (IESI) initiatives promoting the objectives of the SIP for growth and social cohesion. We joined the initiative in 2014, leading on the following contracts:

a) IESI 1 –Research project analysing the impact of ICT-enabled social innovations for fulfilling the goals of the SIP (IESI Knowledge Map 2015);

b) IESI 2 – Research project analysing IESIs led by social enterprises and their significance for achieving the SIP goals;

c) IESI 3 – Curation and network analysis of IESI database (2014-2015 data).

PlusValue will continue to contribute to the IESI knowledge community through further research, analysis, publications, events, and future calls for proposals.