ELIS is a non-profit educational entity that puts the personal development at its core, proposing professionalism as a service to the common good. ELIS is directed tot young people, professionals and businesses to respond to the school-work gap, youth unemployment and to contribute to the sustainable development of organisations.

ELIS is set up by several schools and activities:

  • a Professional School for skilled workers in the field of industry and crafts;
  • a hospitality training institute for girls;
  • a College campus where students can live and attend extra collicular courses in new technologies
  • coaching  and support activities for companies aimed at acquiring and developing professional and relational skills useful for pursuing their own strategy.

Our Added Value

PlusValue is providing Elis with a comprehensive, dynamic, and integrated revision strategy and action plan. The objective is to identify attractive investment opportunities for donors / philanthropists and social investors to ensure the sustainability of the school and its development, so that more and more people can have the opportunity to access the ELIS offer.