PlusValue to support the project “AlpSib – Capacity development of public and private organisations for Social Impact Bonds”

PlusValue has been contracted to provide support to the University of Valle d’Aosta in researching the applicability of Social Impact Investment and Social Impact Bonds in the Alpine space.

AlpSib is a € 2.2 million INTERREG project launched in 2016 tackling the consequences of the recent economic and social crisis through the analysis of alternative methods for local communities to finance thesocial sector and guarantee betterservicesto the public. More specifically, the 14 partners of theproject, coming from 5different member countries,aim toaddress the challenges faced bythe elderly and NEETs (young people not in education, employment or training) and explore the potential of Social Impact Investments (SII) and Social Impact Bonds (SIB) as financial instruments to complement public services and support the two groups.

And that is exactly where PlusValue comes into the picture. Within the wider scope of the AlpSib project, PlusValue will be conducting a feasibility study on the use of SIBs and other SII tools in the Valle d’Aosta region, with a particular focus on new models for the provision of social services for the specific audience groups targeted by AlpSib.

Building onthe successful experience ofprojectssuch as the Treviso Hospital, through thispartnership PlusValue

aims to tackle the lack of knowledge and models for good practice in the application of SII paradigms and to assess the suitability of the Alpine Space areatoembrace innovative solutions and ride the wave of new social innovation trends.

In this regard, Filippo Addarii, CEO and founder of PlusValue, remarked the importance for the Alpine space region to “start envisioning new paradigms for the solution of entrenched social issues, as public-private partnerships and Impact investing will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of our local communities”.

About AlpSib

AlpSib is a European Regional Development Fund project addressing NEET and seniors’ needs in the Alpine space region. The project is set to accelerate social impact investments (SII) and social impact bonds (SIB) by developing a Social Impact Investing Hub for knowledge sharing, policy coordination and development in order to assist the key players in the social innovation supply chain.