Filippo Addarii

Filippo Addarii is the Managing Partner and CEO of PlusValue Advisory Ltd.

Filippo is a serial entrepreneur & strategy advisor with 20-years’ expertise in leading innovation projects combining sustainable development and social impact with a multi-stakeholder approach.

Filippo has brought transformational thinking to institutions’ policymaking, banking practice, and major urban regeneration projects. He worked with the EU, UN, UK government, major corporations (e.g. Lendlease and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Group), and philanthropic foundations.

He is a founding partner of Urban Impact Fund, the first impact investing fund dedicated to new solutions for urban living in regeneration projects. In the spare time, he’s studying for his PhD at the Institute of Finance and Technology at UCL.

Recent publications

2021, For without Innovation, there is no future, published by IASP (co-authored with Alessandro Fazio, Alan Barrell, Martin Hinoul, Sheron Shamuilia.

2020, Public-Private Partnerships for Science and Technology Parks, published by JRC, European Commission

2019, Social Impact Investing Innovation. Bringing Together Public, Private, and Third Sectors to Create Greater Value: The Case of the Public Private Partnership Initiative for the New Public Hospital in Treviso (co-authored with Francesca Medda and Fiorenza Lipparini) in Social Impact Investing: Beyond the Social Impact Bonds, Calderini M., La Torre M., Palgrave

2019, Funding social innovation. A public administration handbook on impact investing, Interreg Alpine Space, AlpSIB Project. University of Valle d’Aosta. (co-authored with Fiorenza Lipparini and Marco Sebastianelli)

2018, Partnership Initiative for the New Public Hospital in Treviso (co-authored with Medda, Lipparini F.) in “Social Impact Investing: Beyond the Social Impact Bonds” (co-authored by Calderini M., La Torre M.), Palgrave

2017, Vision and Trends of Social Innovation for Europe (co-authored with Fiorenza Lipparini), DG Research and Innovation, European Commission.

(RE) MAKING CITIES: New platforms for the city, Fabbrica Orobia – Milan (25.06.2019)

Real estate development between sustainability and urban regeneration.

“People is the value for real estate, not buildings.”


Photo Credit: REbuild Italia

Social Impact Talk at NOVA School of Business and Economics, Lisbona (11.04.2019)

“We work with universities to open a much-needed dialogue with new generations as we know that those students will be our future leaders and that they will shape our future society.”

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