MIND- Milano Innovation District

Project overview

Capitalising on the success of Expo 2015 and placing Milan on the map of the world’s gateway cities, the mission of the project is to transform the site (over 1 million sqm/100 hect) into a science, technology and innovation district of international relevance: MIND. The vision of the project is to enhance quality of life locally and promote the country’s sustainable economic development and international growth, through an infrastructural platform which will enable scientific, economic and social innovation.

Our added value

PlusValue supports Lendlease in developing the RDI ecosystem of the emerging innovation district by actively engaging and managing a broad network of key stakeholders: research institutions, hospitals, the private and third sector and policymakers at different government levels. Moreover, it is supporting Lendlease in the development and implementation of the international and sustainability strategy. PlusValue is also engaged in the creation of a social impact fund to support responsible commercialization of research results, as well as the engagement of local social enterprises and SMEs.

Project impact

(I) Ecosystem Research: Local and regional stakeholder interviews to understand, with a high degree of granularity, the opportunities and challenges inherent of growing a local innovation ecosystem within the Lombardy region;

(II) Construction of the “MIND Innovation Agenda”, aimed at setting the objective for identifying an actionable strategy to ensure that MIND punches above its weight to compete on the global stage. The Agenda facilitated discussions with leaders at MIND and across the region to create a Unique Value Proposition for the place;

(III) Stakeholders Engagement: trade associations, start-ups, SMEs, big companies, and multinational across different sub-sectors reached out to start creating innovative viable opportunities for the MIND ecosystem development;

(IV) Supporting the definition of the “MIND Village”, about 110.500 sqm area within MIND that will host researchers, companies, start-ups and innovators who will experiment new technologies, products and services to build the city of the future, while also implementing innovative projects in the Life Sciences domain;

(V) Re-focusing MIND value proposition (“MIND Reboot Plan for Italy”) to better align the current project to the sanitary emergency of Covid-19 and the future recovery phase.

MIND Website here