Launched the Federated Innovation™ in MIND-Milan Innovation District

PRESS RELEASE 16/02/2021

Federated Innovation™ is promoted by real estate company Lendlease, leader in urban regeneration and in charge of the design and construction of a portion of the MIND district.
Cariplo Factory is the Ecosystem Catalyst of Federated Innovation™.

Federated Innovation™ is a public-private collaborative model gathering 32 companies to date. They will develop innovative projects in the areas of: Greentech, Urban Digital Tech, Fintech, Agrifood Tech & Wellbeing, Retail Tech, Life Sciences & Health Care, Proptech & Smart Spaces, Security & Defense, Mobility & Logistics, Energy, and Construction Tech.

A unique legal framework will allow for the innovations thereby created and their applications to be developed in an environment that protects intellectual property.

Milan, February 16th, 2021 – With the signing of the deed of incorporation, Federated Innovation™ is born today in MIND Milano Innovation District. It is a new model bringing together private companies which, benefiting from the MIND ecosystem, will develop innovative projects in the subjects of Life Sciences and City of the Future.


Federated Innovation™ is promoted by Lendlease, head of the design and private development of MIND, with the contribution of Cariplo Factory as catalyst player. To date, it brings together the first 32 excellent companies that will work together in a virtuous and collaborative environment, in order to accelerate the translation of ideas into new products, processes, and services that will contribute to the economic revival of Italy.

This model, in compliance with antitrust regulations, is designed to go beyond open innovation and proprietary innovation. It is based on a unique legal framework that will allow companies to collect new ideas, projects, and visions, and to develop them in a fast and direct manner, using pre-set operating processes and procedures, in order to make them available to all partners. In this way, the Federated Innovation™ model will act as an “innovation developer”.


The 32 companies that gave life to Federated Innovation™ are: A2A, ABB, Accenture, AstraZeneca, Bracco, Cereal Docks, Cisco, Daikin, Enel X, E.ON Italia, Elettronica, Esselunga, Fabrick, Forte Secur Group, Lendlease, Life Sciences District, Maire Tecnimont, Mapei, Nippon Gases, Novartis, Podium, Poste Italiane, Promocoop Lombardia, Samsung SDS, Schneider Electric, Sicuritalia, Stevanato Group, Stora Enso, Telecom Italia, VSBLTY, WINDTRE, Wood Beton.

The Federated Innovation™ model was created with the collaboration of Bird & Bird Law Firm and OXYGY, operating in the legal and organizational areas respectively, and with the collaboration of PlusValue, as facilitator of the dialogue with the district’s public Anchors for the construction of a shared, socially impacting, research and innovation agenda.


These companies will be grouped into 11 thematic areas: Greentech, Urban Digital Tech, Fintech, Agrifood Tech & Wellbeing, Retail Tech, Life Sciences & Health Care, Proptech & Smart Spaces, Security & Defense, Mobility & Logistics, Energy, and Construction Tech. All companies will operate with their own innovation and research teams within Federated Innovation™ which will collect the national and international best projects among large, small, and medium-sized enterprises, developing cross-tech ideas and promoting contamination among the players, who will have an interest in collaborating with other players in their thematic area. Companies belonging to the same industry will thus be invited to cooperate with their competitors and with smaller or start- up companies with highly skilled teams, to start the authorization procedures for their experimentations in the MIND district on a given project and for a given goal. Besides, joint projects among thematic areas will be favoured, in order to multiply the opportunities for technological development and to accelerate innovation processes, with the final goal of increasing the well-being of both people and the environment.

The companies that will take part to Federated Innovation™ @ MIND will operate with their own innovation and research teams within the district, allocating laboratories and offices, promoting activities, and developing projects inside the MIND area. They will create a real community of innovators, also thanks to the presence of researchers, students, and clinicians from the University of Milan, IRCCS Galeazzi, and the Human Technopole Foundation.

Each project that is born within Federated Innovation™ will have to respond to the priorities and strategic challenges that have been described by the companies in the district’s Innovation Agenda. For every project there will be an experimentation phase and then a “competition” phase, when each company or group of companies will develop the project in their own way and compete for their project to be selected and admitted into MIND.

“We are very proud to launch the Federated Innovation™ model: it is the result of an articulated and very challenging path, due to its unique characteristics and ambitions”, stated Tommaso Boralevi, President of Federated Innovation™. “We have a single global objective: to develop transversal innovation in many industrial sectors on the basis of the principle of “collaboration & competition”among the various companies. Such a bold challenge was possible thanks to the many companies that have joined us, with which we have already started to work to the implementation phase of the model. Within the next year, we will present the first innovation projects, showing the significant impact generated by the MIND ecosystem”.

Andrea Ruckstuhl, Head of Italy and Continental Europe at Lendlease, added: “An innovative community of excellent companies is taking shape in Italy, one that will collaborate to develop ambitious research projects that will create solutions for life and for the people. As Lendlease, we have strongly wanted that MIND would not just be a real estate project, but an ecosystem of transversal innovation in all the main subjects of the future. We aim to connect this ecosystem, in a global network logic, to the projects that Lendlease is developing around the world, where we are promoting the Federated Innovation™ model. Lendlease is an active partner of Federated Innovation™, and within our industrial sector we are promoting the development of cross-tech innovation, especially in Life Sciences, with the aim of creating a model for future cities that can find solutions to the challenges created by the worldwide changes taking place today”.

“We are proud to contribute to the birth of the Federated Innovation™ project alongside such important partners. We are particularly honoured to be the Ecosystem Catalyst of this project: for us, this role is the natural evolution of the work we have done over the years”, commented Carlo Mango, Chief Executive Officer of Cariplo Factory. “Since the beginning, Cariplo Factory has worked in the Italian ecosystem of innovation with the aim of increasing its competitiveness, in synergy with all the other players – corporates, universities, research centres, incubators, accelerators, start-up companies, and investors. Our goal has always been to promote new models of innovation, to allow companies to benefit the most from exponential technologies, to attract talented professionals, to develop the Italian human capital, to generate social as well as economic impact. In MIND and its Federated Innovation™ model we have found the same values and vision as our own”.


MIND is the innovation district that was born in Milan in 2018 in the former Expo area from a public- private partnership between Arexpo – owner of the MIND site – and Lendlease – in charge of the design and construction of the areas. The innovation ecosystem of MIND is the result of an articulated process that originated with MINDlab, a call launched by Arexpo in 2018. This call aimed to collect expressions of interest from companies that wanted to create experimentations, tests, pilot projects, services, innovative technologies in a number of sectors, such as Life Sciences, Smart City, Digital Solution, Design, Construction, Mechanics, Agri-Food. These companies shared the common vision that innovation is first of all at the service of citizens’ well-being. MIND’s vision is the result of the joint commitment of Arexpo and Lendlease together with the public functions of Galeazzi Hospital, University of Milan, the Human Technopole Research Institute, and Triulza Foundation.

Federated Innovation™ is the height of MIND ecosystem’s development, which led to the creation of a new legal entity that guides and coordinates the process of innovation in MIND. It was first started in October 2020, following the second phase of the MIND project (launched in November 2019), in which the first 55 companies adhering to MIND (which today are more than 100) met. The following step will be the fourth, it will take place within the year 2021 and will be the creation of MIND’s “Service Catalogue & Marketplace”, the operating system that will include all the value- added services that will be available within the innovation ecosystem and will be accessible to community members. The Catalogue will include services, such as Real Estate services (operations in the MIND site, site rental, etc.); networking opportunities; experiences as catalysts for companies and the community that will be promoted by Lendlease and third parties (digital platforms, data exchange platforms, diversity & inclusion programs, etc.); access to an on-site network of MIND partners, and access to out-of-site partners, thanks to the relationships with institutions, universities and businesses locally, nationally and globally.