Launched the feasibility study for ex- convicts in Lombardy (Italy)-EIB

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is supporting the Italian Ministry of Justice – Department of Penitentiary Administration (DAP) to assess the feasibility of a Social Outcomes Contract (SOC) initiative, aimed at fostering the work inclusion of convicted prisoners in Lombardy. This support will be provided under the Advisory Platform for SOC created by the European Investment Advisory Hub. The EIB has recruited Ernst & Young & PlusValue to provide expertise in the framework of this assignment.

The study will focus on innovative public private partnership for financing and delivery of the service with the ultimate goal to reduce reoffending.

In Italy there are approximately 5000 convicted prisoners (excluded those convicted of mafia, conspiracy and terrorism offences) who could be enrolled with greater benefit for the justice system and a more efficient use of public resources. It is a tangible example about finance and entrepreneurship serving public interest, and a reference for the Recovery Plan.

EIB press release