Innovation Districts Research

Research overview

The research in partnership with The Global Institute on Innovation Districts (GIID) is based on an in-depth empirical research study aimed at identifying what makes an innovation district a success. The study focuses on nine innovation districts: Be’er Sheva (Israel), Medellín (Colombia), Pittsburgh (USA), Buffalo (USA), St. Louis (USA), Winston-Salem (USA), Sheffield (UK), Amsterdam (Holland), Melbourne (Australia). It looks at their evolution along key dimensions such as private and public investments, clustering and convergence processes among their research institutions and companies, the role of intermediaries, the relationship between innovation and built space in terms of walkability, porosity and “business”, and their role in promoting inclusion and regional growth, to name just a few.

Our added value

PlusValue is contributing to GIID’s research through its first-hand expertise in innovation ecosystem design, and by developing an ad-hoc framework for data management and analysis.

Research impact

The project research aims at producing ground-breaking evidence on the role of innovation districts as engines of sustainable growth, as well as establishing a new set of standards and metrics to define and understand them.


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