Impact finance for social innovation

On January 24th, Filippo Addarii will moderate the round table event of Comune di Milano Impact finance for social innovation.

Fiorenza Lipparini will join the round table with Adriana Versino – Oltre Ventures, Simone Fumagalli – Banca prossima, Giovanni Franchina – Bepart Società Cooperativa Impresa Sociale, Marco Zappalorto – NESTA Italy, Francesco Mandruzzato – Lendlease, Paolo Cominini – Banca Etica (tbc), Arianna Lovera – Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile, Denise Di Dio – Tiresia, Politecnico di Milano, Daniele Alfonsi – BEI

This meeting is organized in order to better comprehend the ever growing connection between impact investing and social innovation. Impact investors are a heterogeneous group with a range of expectations about appropriate financial and social returns.

During the round table, the speakers will bring their view (and the one of their organizations) on impact investing. Together we will explore the reason for their interest in impact investing and the strategies they adopt. The meeting will focus on Emerging and frontier markets and will offer different views from the main players in the field. The event will allow the public a better understanding of the topic and the occasion to have a direct confrontation with potential investors.