PlusValue was commissioned by an international urban regeneration specialist (the Client) to develop recommendations for maximising the potential social, economic, cultural, and environmental impact that could be generated on a multi-use (recreation, sport, business, retail) site in London.

To develop recommendations for our Client, we designed a bespoke impact framework for the project. Guided by our impact framework and in consultation with our Client, we organised an expert workshop by mobilising our network of thought-leaders in the field to explore and co-create innovative impact-generating recommendations. We tested and refined these recommendations through targeted desk research, expert feedback, and comparative benchmarking analysis of state-of-the-art case studies from around the world. We developed an innovative portfolio of impact-generating recommendations for our Client based on the core concept of Holistic Place-Making, and the 3 core themes of:

a) Connecting Spaces and Communities;

2) Stakeholder Engagement;

3) Impact Measurement and Open Data.