Fiorenza Lipparini

Fiorenza Lipparini is Managing Partner and Director of Research at PlusValue.

Her research fields of specialization are impact investing, impact assessment, urban regeneration, EU RDI programs, and policies. Fiorenza has extensive experience in impact investing and urban regeneration projects in Italy and the UK, specifically public-private partnerships.

She leads the work on innovation ecosystems creation, managing a broad network of stakeholders and intermediary organizations, to develop complex RDI projects. Today, she is supporting Lendlease (real-estate Australian developer) in the biggest regeneration project in Italy, MIND- Milano Innovation District.

She is regularly consulted by the European Commission and national governments on innovation (social and technological) and socio-economic development.

Before founding PlusValue, Fiorenza worked for The Young Foundation as EU Policy Senior Analyst. She worked as a Policy Analyst in Bruxelles for Intesa Sanpaolo.

Fiorenza is Research Fellow at UCL’s Institute for Finance and Technology, Senior Researcher at the Global Institute for Innovation Districts, and a member of the technical assistance team supporting the Italian Government’s Social Innovation Fund.

Among her publications, Vision and trends of social innovation for Europe (2017) co-authored with Filippo Addarii; Social Impact Investments. Best Practices and Recommendations for the Next Generation (2020).



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