Fiorenza Lipparini

Fiorenza Lipparini is a Founding Partner and Director of Research. She leads on research activities and focuses on social entrepreneurship, socio-economic impact assessment tools and techniques, digital social innovation and funding, governance and evaluation of multi-stakeholder partnerships for the delivery of societal goods. Before founding PlusValue, Fiorenza was EU Policy Senior Analyst at the Young Foundation, and earlier a policy analyst for Intesa Sanpaolo, in Brussels.

Among her publications, Vision and trends of social innovation for Europe co-authored with Filippo Addarii,  ‘ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support the Implementation of the Social Investment Package – Mapping and Analysis of ICT-enabled Social Innovation initiatives promoting social investment in integrated approaches to the provision of social services: IESI Knowledge Map 2015’; in Misuraca, G., Kucsera, C., Lipparini, F., Voigt, C., Radescu, R.; (2016).

She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and Linguistics.


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