ADA Novara- Officine Grafiche De Agostini

De Agostini is a historical brand that, with weekly issues sold at news-stands across Italy, has brought culture into the homes of all Italians – breaking down economic and social barriers. The Officine Grafiche, the company’s production site, have partially ceased production, occupying today only a portion of the factory mainly used for industrial binding of large-format books.

The mission of the intervention is to make the Officine Grafiche a development engine for the territory once again and give life to a new entrepreneurial project – both original and sustainable – able to bring back value to the property while remaining faithful to the legacy of the De Agostini group in Novara. The value of the real estate project – which involves the renovation of existing properties – is generated and guaranteed by a new entrepreneurial project divided into 5 main functions:

1) research and experimentation;

2) incubation and acceleration of companies and innovative solutions through training and mentoring;

3) finance for entrepreneurs and new business solutions;

4) new housing solutions.

PlusValue together with BaseEngineering provided the development of the project EDU-TECH: a center of excellence on education and technological innovation with an impact perspective for the development of new solutions to be applied in this fast-growing market.