Smart city versus smart citizens is a false dichotomy. It is neither the individual citizen nor the public or private sector that transforms the city and makes it prosperous. It is the smart polis – namely the collective action of citizens - the main agent of change" 

- Filippo Addarii, Co-founder & CEO -

About A City.

Places, ideas and rights for 2030 citizens

24-27 May, at Fondazione Feltrinelli Milano

54% of the global population currently lives in cities, a number that is expected to grow to 66% by 2050. But are we fully equipped to face the urban challenges of the future? What are our expectations on the smart-city context of tomorrow? And more importantly, are we being ambitious enough in setting the bar for the social, economic and cultural development of our cities?

These are a few of the questions that will be addressed during the “About A City. Places, ideas and rights for 2030 citizens” event in Milan - a 4-day initiative running from Thursday 24th of May to Sunday 27th and organised by the Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli as part of the Milano Arch Week. The event consists of an exciting series of lectures, talks, debates and shows to explore current urban transformations and reflect upon their impact on local communities and on the very conception of our life together under the same polis.


‘Moving from the Edge': Milan Expo Area 2015
Saturday 26th of May at 5.30pm

Filippo Addarii, co-founder and CEO at PlusValue, will join the event on Saturday 26th of May at 5.30pm (local time) in a panel looking at how local urban outskirts can represent the starting point to build the cities of the future and create new urban opportunities and meanings. As part of the general discussion theme of the afternoon sessions ‘Moving from the edge, ripartire dai margini’, the speakers will specifically look at the role of the Milan Expo Area 2015 as a site to enhance social innovation locally, by redefining the current center-periphery dichotomy of our cities and by launching a new model for urban regeneration based on social and community values.


The second edition of Arch Week and the About A City initiative also confirm Milan as one of the cities currently leading the conversation about sustainable urban planning, smart regeneration and design. This bright path has been inaugurated by the Milan’s World Expo in 2015, whose aftermath is still unfolding. The 2015 Expo area, indeed, is set to become a unique site to push forward an open-source urban narrative and set a positive example for the smart cities of the future.

The innovation-driven and community-oriented Masterplan for the Expo Area proposed by Lendlease - the appointed partner leading this ambitious project that PlusValue is proud to be part of - will establish a living laboratory featuring offices and research centers, university faculties, innovation hubs, cultural spaces and areas for urban agriculture, as well as the world’s first neighbourhood planned for autonomous mobility. The plan aims to set new standards for urban transformation processes and envisages Milan as a world-leading capital of the impending Fourth Industrial Revolution.