About us

Aligning Public and Private Interests

PlusValue seeks to design and test new financial and delivery models for common goods through the alignment of public and private interests. We work to embed social impact in every business through experimental research, policy, and hard-nosed consultancy. Our work is knowledge-driven and built on our team’s experience and our network of over 8000 experts across the public, private, and third sectors, allowing us to turn investments for social outcomes into a source of competitiveness and wealth creation.

We typically partner with organisations seeking novel ways to generate value for society through innovations in technology, governance, finance, public services and business practice. Our global network of knowledge partners and experts includes research institutions, public institutions, civil society organisations, philanthropic foundations, and private investors.

Our clients tend to be large companies and social enterprises willing to move beyond their comfort zone and explore how to address their impact in the community and transform their strategy with greater benefits for both the business and society as a whole.

Our approach was developed as means of instilling lasting impact through our projects: research produces novel tools for consultancy, while consultancy represents the market test for innovation. Policy provides the platform for scaling successful innovations.

PV was launched in September 2015 as a company limited by guarantee. PV builds on over 40 years of its core team’s practice in multi-stakeholder partnerships and public policy, and their first-hand experience in social enterprise, innovation, impact, and finance. PV’s team members have taken part, in varied capacities, in the making of European social innovation, social business, and social investment policies and, in the UK, in the social impact investment agenda by collaborating with public institutions and practitioners.