On February 22nd, 10am – 2pm, the new Master of the Internet of Humans and Things of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the BAICR, the Cultural Center of the MISE and the National Institute of Rural Sociology – INSOR, will hold a meeting in which researchers and professionals in the fields of cultural heritage and economic development will discuss the impact that the next internet generation (artificial intelligences, internet of things and social networks, to name a few) has on Italy.

The research “Beyond Social: a network and social analysis of the Europeans conversation about the Future of Internet” will provide the basis for discussion. Realized by the HER center – Human Ecosystems Relations and PlusValue, the paper analyses  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages from all of Europe, 669.734 messages generated from 355.451 users, in 54 different languages. It’s aim is to better understand stakeholders’ thoughts, expectations, desires, concerns, visions and imaginations based on their expressions when talking about internet technologies and their impact on our lives, societies and the economy.

The results are presented by Salvatore Iaconesi, President of HER, and Fiorenza Lipparini, Founder and Director of Research at PlusValue and discussed with Marco Bani (head of AgID Secretariat), Gianluca Misuraca (European Commission) and the sociologist Nadio Delai, president of the Ermeneia Institute.

We used advanced methodologies and technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, network and sentiment analysis to find recurrent patterns to better understand what European citizens express when they talk about the impact that internet technologies will have on their lives, jobs and on society at large in the next future. The results of the research are fully available in open data format: we hope that other researchers, public administrators and citizens can reuse them. The availability of data and transparency on the parameters of research is a prerequisite of every contemporary democracy.

Salvatore Iaconesi, President of HER – Human Ecosystems Relations

“We had great fun designing and discussing this piece of research, as well as lots of sleepless nights validating tons of data and browsing through network graphs to understand their meaning. We would be very happy to hear from everybody interested in these topics.”

Fiorenza Lipparini, Founder and Director of Research – PlusValue

I promoted this day to facilitate an increasingly intense dialogue between different subjects. We need processes and listening tools that anticipate and follow the design of any form of social intervention, as well as understand the pervasive phenomena of the IOT, from the humanistic, technological and legal point of view. The methodologies and the approach of HER, the Internet Master of Human and Things, PlusValue’s work on social innovation, are driven by the need to start strong creative processes around these themes that are increasingly capable of generating new economies and advanced forms of policy.

Lucio Fumagalli, president of BAICR – Cultura della Relazione



The research “Beyond Social: a network and social analysis of the Europeans conversation about the Future of Internet” can be consulted in full and can be downloaded at the following link: https://www.he-r.it/project/future-internet-beyond-social-report


Information and contacts

Limited number of places are available for this event, to register please fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdQ4hlfzmEbjOIHyK4TOncQf-QYCKZfPkZq

or write to: iot@baicr.it

For contacts and press office: ppodda@4changing.it

For information on the “Beyond Social” research: oriana.persico@he-r.it